Monday, March 21, 2016

SS United States Silver Screen Review

Throughout the SS United States’ life, the ship of state has made numerous cameos in film. So, I will be starting a new series on every movie the SS United States appears in. I will review the movie, and then review how the ship's role in the movie, how integral its appearance was to the movie (or wasn't). 

Here is the List:

Here is a breakdown for the ship rating system I will be using:

1 star = model of the boat/not real boat used, barely in movie, not relevant to the plot
2 stars = actual boat passed by, barely in movie
3 stars = actual boat seen, some time on boat, may go on ship briefly
4 stars = actual boat used, locations shots onboard, extensive time on the boat, relevant to the plot

The documentaries SS United States: Lady in Waiting (2008) and SS United States: Made in America (2013) are excluded from this, because they are only about the ship and nonfiction. All the other movies are fictional, to my knowledge. They also didn't premiere on the silver screen, Lady in Waiting was for television, and Made in America premiered on YouTube.

[Originally posted on my now-defunct Wave Breaker Blog, March 21, 2015]

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