Monday, March 21, 2016

SS United States Silver Screen Review

Throughout the SS United States’ life, the ship of state has made numerous cameos in film. So, I will be starting a new series on every movie the SS United States appears in. I will review the movie, and then review how the ship's role in the movie, how integral its appearance was to the movie (or wasn't). 

Here is the List:

Here is a breakdown for the ship rating system I will be using:

1 star = model of the boat/not real boat used, barely in movie, not relevant to the plot
2 stars = actual boat passed by, barely in movie
3 stars = actual boat seen, some time on boat, may go on ship briefly
4 stars = actual boat used, locations shots onboard, extensive time on the boat, relevant to the plot

The documentaries SS United States: Lady in Waiting (2008) and SS United States: Made in America (2013) are excluded from this, because their subject matter already is all about the ship.

[Originally posted on my now-defunct Wave Breaker Blog, March 21, 2015]

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