Saturday, August 29, 2015

35/15: A Dessert Order

   I had a request from one of my coworkers who heard about my project. She wanted me to recreate some photos that her family had taken back in 1940 in Colonial Williamsburg. Here is a fun quick shoot!

Raleigh Tavern



   I had to squat to get this shot. I love how much has not changed. The stepping stone and Raleigh signpost are still in the same place. The horse hitching posts, while they have moved, are still the same design. Sir "Ralegh"* is still over the two front doors, with the same stone steps and curving metal handrails.

   What has changed? The John Carter Store and Unicorn's Horn building is not an empty field anymore, and there are plenty less plants.

* The original bust spells his name wrong, which is reflected in the reproduction now up there.


1940:                                                                    2015:

   I had to get even farther down to get the lines on the portico columns in the right spot compared to the wall. I think the photographer was trying to get the whole building in the picture, which is impossible from this view now with the grown tree. There are more paths here now, but less ivy on the wall. My favorite little thing that is still the same is the gutter hole in the wall, I don't know why!

   The 35/15 Photo Project will be visiting the Raleigh and the Capitol more in-depth in later editions. Stay tuned!

   If you would like me to re-shoot your old family photos from Colonial Williamsburg, let me know! Click "Contact Me" on the top of the sidebar to the right.
(Due to time constraints, I will not be able to shoot with regards to shadow.)

What is the 35/15 Photo Project? Read the Introduction.

   Thank you to Elizabeth Edmonds for sharing your family photos! I hope you and your family enjoy the current day pictures.

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